Stocks in the Environmental & Facilities Services Sub-Industry

Symbol Name Country Exchange
000010 Shenzhen Ecobeauty Co Ltd CN SHE
000035 China Tianying Inc CN SHE
000544 Central Plains Environment Protection Co Ltd CN SHE
000820 Shenwu Energy Saving Co Ltd CN SHE
000826 Tus-Sound Environmental Resources Co Ltd CN SHE
002200 Yunnan Yuntou Ecology and Environment Technology Co Ltd CN SHE
002374 Shandong Lipeng Co Ltd CN SHE
002542 China Zhonghua Geotechnical Engineering Co Ltd CN SHE
002775 Shenzhen Wenke Landscape Co Ltd CN SHE
0063 China Graphene Group Ltd HK HK
0145 CCIAM Future Energy Ltd HK HK
0154 Beijing Enterprises Environment Group Ltd HK HK
0257 China Everbright Environment Group Ltd HK HK
029960 Korea Environment Technology Co. LTD KR KQ
0309 Xinhua News Media Holdings Ltd HK HK
0436 New Universe International Group Ltd HK HK
043910 Nature and Environment Co. Ltd KR KQ
0556 Pan Asia Environmental Protection Group Ltd HK HK
060150 INSUN Environmental New Technology Co. Ltd KR KQ
067900 Y-Entec Co. Ltd KR KQ
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